The year in review

I hope this site has provided a useful—or at least an enjoyable—service over the last year. Here are some highlights from cases covered in 2015.

1. “Men more frequently require to be reminded than informed.”

  • Don’t install a surveillance camera in the women’s changing room.
  • Don’t humiliate prisoners gratuitously.
  • Don’t hide evidence.
  • For heaven’s sake, don’t use your own student as rape bait.
  • Don’t arrest someone for rejecting your advances.
  • Don’t arrest a juror for truthfully revealing his religious beliefs.
  • Party declarations are supposed to be self-serving.

2. Animals and the law

3. An important year for anti-SLAPP laws

  • Anti-SLAPP laws can’t override the right to a jury trial.
  • State anti-SLAPP laws can’t override the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, at least in the D.C. Circuit.
  • You can’t cry anti-SLAPP by relying on somebody else’s—and not your own—speech, at least in Washington.

4. Statutory interpretation at the Washington Supreme Court

5. Miscellanea